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Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Real Estate transactions also involve the unique and special laws of real property. Jon Patrucco is a real estate lawyer is trained to deal with these problems and has the experience to deal with them.

Buying a Home

Typically, when a person purchases a house, they sign a contract. Usually they are guided by a real estate broker. If it is the selling broker, then they work for the seller, not you. If you choose to work with a buyer’s agent, even though they work for you, they are not qualified to give legal advice. Only an attorney can give legal advice. Only an experienced attorney like Jon Patrucco can give you advice that you can count on. Attorney Patrucco can ensure that vague or unclear terms in the contract are clarified, unique situations are dealt with, and your best interests are always the priority.


Most time the relationship between a landlord and a renter is uneventful and positive. However, when issues arise, they can be complicated.  The laws surrounding the landlord/renter relationship are complicated, and a you need a qualified attorney to help navigate these waters. Whether you are the landlord and looking to protect your investment property or you are the renter who need to protect their living arrangements. Attorney Patrucco that you are represented in a way that is both legal and beneficial.